he didnt come

a beautiful, cute girl waiting for someone. Someone can understand her very well. She knows she just have a face, to make her confidence, and nothing either. so that girl keep waiting. But a day later, then one next week, the man didnt come. She stressed, she cried.


a high quality woman waiting for someone. Someone can love her, even with her very busy life. The woman promises, she wont ask for anything fool. She just wants him. But the man he wait for didnt come. He didnt come. He never come. This woman dissapointed. Felt hurt. But she didnt cry. She still waiting.


and I, a very simple lady just waiting for someone. Someone I love much, from long yesterday, and now, until unknown next day. I keep waiting. Lying on the ground, imaging his face by the cloud. Picturing his smile by the star. Tomorrow he promise to meet me. Go home, he said. So I keep waiting. I still dreaming.



a man with flower in his hand. Packing all his shirt into bag. He never stop smiling, checking his make up on the mirror. “It must be perfect. One day perfect” hopefully he said. He eager to meet with her, with the girl he dreams on. So he walks in hurry. The hurrier the better he thought. Quickly he run to the bus. “Im coming dear, wait me” and he kiss the flower, deeply.



A very simpe lady sitting on the chair, thats me. Its 7 oclock pm now. He doesnt come yet. Whats going on with her bus? Is he okay? I worry. Really worry. How if he doesnt come?? I close my eyes, praying. “I miss him God, would you just make him here, right now??”



He jumps for the bus. Looking for the girl in his dream. Exactly he feel difficult to see. So many people here. But.. yeahh.. he suddenly run. He find his girl. He run, not pay attention to the other arrounds him. Not care to another person, to the crowded bus station. Also to a very past truck beside him. and BRUKKKKKKK… A man with flower lying on the ground. With blood flood on him.



“I promise I’ll come” but you dont.

“I’ll back home, cause I love much” but you dont.

I cry. This is hurt. He doesnt come.


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