Reading notes

This writing would be counted as a summary for my Climate Change course.

Article: Climate Change, Evidence and Choices by The National Academy of Sciences.

  • Yes, the earth’s surface is warming gradually. Earth temperatures had been recorded both in land and ocean, such as measurement on extreme decreased of the Arctic sea ice, an anomaly at ocean heat content, global sea-level rise, and decreasing in annual average snow in Northern Hemisphere. Overall, those all contribute in increasing air surface warming by 0,8 degree C.
  • Who would take the responsibility of the most contributed damaging factor of global warming? Is it human activity or natural sources? Unfortunately, based on the measurement of different forms of carbon, analysis on climate records, and calculation using climate model, the most influential factor is granted to human activities.
  • Carbon emissions from human activity is significant due to the imbalanced of the natural process to restore carbon with the quick releasing of carbon that is added by human. What is precisely human’s doing with all this climate case? The amount of carbon released has trapped in the lower atmosphere, therefore, it makes the troposphere became warmer and warmer.
  • Sun’s played negatively on driving the climate change. Sun’s energy output affect 0,1% every 11 years cycle. Its almost nothing if compared with human activity.
  • Why should we consider the climate change? Because what happen now is a totally disruptive change. You will not let this phenomenon lead the extinction of the creature, plants, and everything right?
  • Even the name was called “global” warming, yet the effect is not always accumulated only for a rise in average temperature. Sometimes the effects occur “locally” in atmosphere circulation, changes in seasonal climate and in local area weather. That is why it is plausible that some summer still very cold and the winter is not that chilly.
  • Does the climate change affect the appearance of droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes? Definitely. Earth’s lower atmosphere is altering to be warmer and moister. So, it will give a huge potential energy for stronger and a more frequent severe weather.
  • Sea level rising is around 0,12 inches per year. The earth will get warmer from 2.6 to 4.8 degree C (prediction for the end of 21st century)
  • Bad news. Even if emission of greenhouse effect is stopped by any “green environment” action, it will not stop the continuous global warming. The earth will not go back to its previous condition.

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